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The perfect plan for this autumn in Cantabria: rural tourism and gastronomy

17 OCTUBRE 2013 | Gastronomía

Days get shorter, temperatures fall and the first rains arrive: it’s time to enjoy the pleasures of the new season: autumn

The perfect plan for this autumn in Cantabria: rural tourism and gastronomy

We don’t know why, but it’s at this time of the year when people feel more like doing rural tourism. Long walks with our couple or friends enjoying nature, which has just renewed its colors: reds, yellows and different tonalities of brown mix with the intense blue of the sky.

There are lots of rural houses within the Cantabrian regions: at the area of the Asón, near the river that names the region (or is it the other way round? It doesn’t matter, the scenery is impressive); or at the area of Saja, where the “Berrea” (deers rut time) announces that we are entering the next season.

You can sign up for one of the guided routes along the protected areas of Cantabria offered by Natureaor, if you come with children, nothing better than visiting the Interpretive Centers where they can learn while playing. You can also hire an electric bike and enjoy a long and comfortable route.

And what to say about Liébana, chosen each year by a high number of travelers in search of peace and nature!!! They come attracted by its cared gastronomy, and its cheeses and “orujos” don’t disappoint them at all. Those who choose to book for the second weekend of November will enjoy the “Fiesta del orujo”, one of Cantabria’s National Touristic Interest festivities.

Gastronomy in Autumn

These days, the chimneys in our villages start to smoke on the early morning, not because the weather is cold, but because our tasty stews are elaboratedon a slow wood fire: “cocidolebaniego” (chick peas stew), “cocidomontañés” (bean stew), “olla ferroviaria”, beans with wild boar, soups and game stews.. all of them can be tasted in any of the restaurants in Cantabria.

It’s also mushroom time. The first ones are already in the restaurants, and those of Campoo and Valderredible know a thousand of ways to cook and serve them. It’salso figs and quince jelly time, nuts and chestnuts time…

#EnjoyCantabria in autumn and discover why it’s endless!!!!!

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