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Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico esqueleto
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Plans with children to live in Cantabria

21 JULIO 2015 | General

We propose you four great plans to travel to Cantabria with children. You have no more excuses!! Nature, culture, workshops and much more to enjoy a few relaxing days with children in Cantabria! 

Cabárceno´s Nature Park

Cabárceno´s Nature Park is not a conventional zoo or a wildlife park. It is a naturalized space by the hand of man, from the primitive beauty of the karst landscape on the 750 ha of a former open pit mining.

Cabárceno´s Nature Park is an ideal place to spend the day with family because it has numerous recreational areas, picnic areas, viewpoints, botanical routes, cafes, restaurants, playground place ...

Come and enjoy the great spectacle of nature. You will discover the secrets of the animal, with numerous activities for the whole family.

Check timetable and rates. And those who want to go in the afternoon, will enjoy a reduced rate.

The visit to the Cabarceno´s Nature Park will become an unforgettable experience.

Cantabrian Maritime Museum

In the Cantabrian Maritime Museum, visitors have the opportunity to delve into the depths of marine biology, fishing ethnography, history and technology of the Cantabrian and its projection into the world.

 Cantabrian Maritime Museum is equipped with a large, modern aquarium with more than 3,000 square meters of exhibition, one of the biggest ones in Spain.

It also has a restaurant, located in a privileged area of ​​the Bay, overlooking the sea as if it were a prow. The restaurant has a surprisingly light and airy terrace that you can´t  miss.

If you choose to eat in the restaurant you´ll get free entrance in the museum!!


Museum of Altamira: a long time ago…

The cave of Altamira is the epitome of humankinds creative spirit. The cave with its paintings has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All the essential features of art converge at Altamira par excellence.

Visitors are the most important part of the Museum of Altamira. For families with small children, there are various opportunities for finding out about the start of our history together. In the Times of Altamira exhibition, the best objects, tools, and inventions from the Palaeolithic age help us to learn about those who inhabited the caves 20,000 years ago. To find out how they were made and used, the curiosity of adults and children alike will be satisfied by watching the films and animations that form part of the exhibition.

The Museoteca space is exclusively for the use of families with children who are interested in learning, playing, reading, and creating together. In the Land of the Bison you will find lots of ideas for learning about the bison of Altamira, as well as different programmes to allow families to visit the exhibition.

At weekends and on holidays, the museum always has exciting free activities to enjoy learning about the start of our history as a family.

More plans with children: Gaudí´s “Capricho”

Comillas, a vacation destiny choosen by many families every summer, is the perfect place to enjoy with your family.

In this beautiful seaside village Antonio Gaudí, designed in the 19th century his “Capricho”. Its Modernist style, here experiments with the fusion between music and architecture, achieving a new effect on this building. There are different activities to understand Gaudi and the modernist style. The adults will understand the modernism and Gaudi´s work with the guiding material; and the children will enjoy with lots of funny games. Ask about them.

Enjoy Cantabria with children!!!


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